We love French style baking! And it's this inspiration that has created Fraternité Artisan Breads. With authentic tastes, sights and smells, Fraternité brings you bread that's baked the way it should be.
Fraternité is a range of great tasting, French inspired, continental breads - baked fresh in-store by passionate bakers, committed to making the best tasting artisan breads. With crunchy, rustic crusts and soft centres ready for breaking apart, our French inspired range of breads and rolls are ready and waiting in store for you, right now!
Where do you find Fraternité artisan bread? Each Fraternité bakery has been hand picked to be part of the Fraternité family, baking Fraternité artisan breads to the highest of standards with our very best ingredients. There are more bakeries joining the Fraternité family all the time, so make sure you check our store locations page to see where we are baking near you!
Take home our petit pain for lunches and breakfasts, our baguettes for a fabulous French dinner, our Grand Campagne for to-die-for sandwiches. Be inspired by our whole range! We've even put some oh-so-French recipes together to help you with ideas on how to use this range of Artisan loaves. Bon appétit!