8 slices Fraternité Grand Campagne
100g Dijon mustard
600g leg ham, shaved or sliced
200g mozzarella, grated
200g Gruyere* grated
200g butter
*or similar, e.g. cheddar


1 Spread mustard evenly on all slices.
2 Top four slices with ham, mozzarella and ½ the Gruyere and close each sandwich with the other slices of bread.
3 Heat a large non-stick pan over med-high heat, add 50g of butter and allow to foam.
4 Take one sandwich at a time and fry until golden on each side, pressing gently with a spatula during the process.
5 When golden both sides remove and top with a little more Gruyere.
6 Repeat the process to create a gooey melted outer cheese crust. You could put this under the grill to achieve the gooey top, if you prefer.

to serve

Cut in half and serve immediately. Expect applause, as this is the king of all toasted sandwiches.