12 slices Fraternité Grand Campagne
½ bunch fresh watercress
½ cup butter, softened
1tbsp lemon juice
200g roast turkey breast, shaved
50g cranberry jam
Sea salt & pepper to taste


1 In a small food processor, combine watercress, butter and lemon juice, blitz until well combined, season to taste.
2 Square the bread slices by cutting the crusts - you will need three slices per sandwich.
3 Butter the first layer of bread with watercress butter and then add a single layer of turkey. Butter another slice of bread, lay this piece onto the turkey, butter side down, then butter the top side of the same slice.
4 Spread with cranberry jam and top with more turkey.
5 Butter the last slice and place on top, butter side down.

to serve

Before you cut the sandwich, skewer them evenly every inch or so with a long toothpick, then slice between each toothpick. The result will be lots of colourful little sandwiches, ready to be devoured by children of all ages!