1 Fraternité Baguette, sliced thinly into rounds
60ml extra virgin olive oil
150g butter
1kg brown onions, peeled & finely sliced
500g golden shallots, peeled & finely sliced
100ml dry sherry
50ml sherry vinegar
1.2L veal or beef stock
1L chicken stock
1/3 bunch thyme, picked
80g Gruyere* grated
Sea salt & black pepper to taste
*or similar, e.g. cheddar


1 Preheat oven to 150°C.
2 Heat ½ the oil and all the butter in a heavy based pot until the butter starts to foam.
3 Add onion and shallots stirring constantly until the onions start to caramelise (around 20-30mins).
4 Add sherry and vinegar, reduce until syrupy, then add stocks and thyme, allow to simmer until reduced by half and season to taste.
5 To make the croutons - lay baguette slices onto a flat oven tray, drizzle with remaining oil and season. Bake for 5mins, or until crisp without colour. Remove and sprinkle with Gruyere, return to the oven for 2mins so the cheese melts and starts to colour.

to serve

Ladle the soup into small bowls and cover the top with a crouton. Serve additional croutons on the side for more delicious dipping!